Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Small Match Box Covers

Well Halloween is almost here and I have so much decorating to do. I still have to find that box of bats and rats I know I have somewhere! Well in between the mad Halloween rush I have been making Halloween treats for my friends. I have included a file for you to download so you can make your own. I purchased a package of small match boxes. These come 10 to a pack and each small box contains 32 matches. You can purchase these from 50 cents to one dollar and some change depending on the store you go to. Numerous companies make these match boxes and they are all the same size. I designed a label for the top and one for the bottom that you can edit and personalize. The key to making these look professional is to cut the top label so it fits perfect. I have designed the label to do so. Print these on regular inkjet paper and cut-out carefully. Apply glue stick to the back and apply to the top of the box. Do the same for the bottom. Purchase a small store bought candle and place the two in a clear cellophane bag with a fancy ribbon. What a great little gift for Halloween!
Click on the link below to download. If you download please leave a comment.
Thank you!

These coordinate with my Party Pak at Etsy
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Halloween Party Pak

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