Friday, April 22, 2011

Sue Blackwell - An Inspiration!

The art of paper cutting or scherenschnitte was founded in Switzerland and Germany in the 16th century and brought to America in the 18th century. I personally became fascinated in this art form more than 20 years ago while designing custom stencils. I love the concept of positive and negative space and the basic principle was easily transferred to paper stencils creating a unique pattern to pass paint through. This art form has been around along time and has been re-interpreted over the years in unique and original paper cuttings by modern artists. The tools needed could not be simpler, a pair of scissors or exacto knife and paper. You can find beautiful paper cuttings through out the internet. Dover books offers numerous books that you can use for patterns to get you started. While scherenschnitte is a unique art form it is two dimensional so when I found Sue Blackwell's 3 dimensional paper cuttings I was inspired and delighted. Please watch the videos below to see a selection from her portfolio and how she creates her paper sculptures.

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Kim4leafclover said...

amazing! Thank you for sharing

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